Sunday, March 29, 2009

the title of the second in the trilogy

I think it's going to be Blood Lines. I think all of the connotations/denotations of the phrase (though I do not like the whole vampire/blood connection thing).

It's about passing on our issues through our family to the next generation; it's about connections; it's about geneology; it's about the power of loyalty and promises.

In Christchurch this weekend, I attempted to carry on a starting chapter but stopped because I have not got the emotional energy nor the time these next few weeks to dedicate to throwing myself back into Scotland.


Dreamflyer said...

Love it. It suits it really well, and I love all the other meanings/symbology of it.

Anonymous said...

You know what I think but I like leaving comments!
I really really really like it. I had difficulty liking the other titles but know we have a title that rivals Banquos SOn. Titles of the sequel always need to be as good and sometimes better than the first book as people need to be able to think well the first book was great and the second has a great title. the first book won't always make people read the sequel so the title is very important!
From Im