Thursday, August 27, 2009

The creation of my new website

Jessica Napper, Y13 at Columba College is designing and creating my new website. Here's a sneak peak at the start of the home page. Lots of details still to be added but I like.

My writing space doesn't usually look that tidy and there's usually toast crumbs and half drunk cups of cold coffee but Jessica wisely decided not to include these as they cluttered the look. You will be able to click on photos and get updated bio information; the paper weight with the Virgina Woolf's quote will lead you to a page of advice for writers from various people; the books will link through to my novels, my news and events etc. The pad you see is the writing pad I use to record ideas and thoughts about my current novel. Each new novel has a new spiral bound, brightly coloured, hard cover, exercise book. This one currently contains lots of scribbles and notes for Bloodlines. Banquo's Son's exercise book was lime green.

Here's what the inside will look like but, of course, there's no content yet. That's my hold up.


flavia said...

Exciting!! It's going to be so cool when you have an awesome new site :D

Dreamflyer said...

Wow, this looks really cool! I like it!!

Anonymous said...

it's so cool!! :)
lozza :)