Monday, February 14, 2011

we writers really should stop moaning but...

In the voice of the youngest child from Despicable Me who cries: it's so FLAAFFY!! The intensity of the emotion of the writing process is so well expressed: it's so HARRRDD!!

I told my students today why writing a book was worse that being pregnant and giving birth - even worse than suffering through their teenage years. They laughed. Yes, dear reader. These sweet young 13 year old girls actually laughed at my pain. But, we must forgive them. What would they know of rejection and realisation that what one has conceived and born is actually a monster? What would they know that something they created, others could spurn? Would laugh, hysterically, at? No, they are the innocent.

So it is that they tittered quietly because, being sensitive creatures they understood that their almost world famous English teacher was trying to be entertaining, it was prudent to respond in such a way.

But, a ha! I caught a 'momentary acknowledgement of recognition of shared experience’ (Helen Brown’s Tramping in The Rain). There are writers amongst my group. Nationally recognised and awarded writers already (though they are only 12 and 13).

We smiled at each other while the rest of the class tittered. They did not. They knew and understood.

We are going to have a great year.

Meanwhile, back in 11th C I have begun to move things along and I have characters huffing and puffing with anxiety and concern. As they should be. They think things are bad now, well just wait to see what I have in store ha ha whaaa ha ha hahahahaha.

Okay, yeah, that waas over the top. Sorry Flea.


Who am I? said...

Lol! Great post. Keep up the great work and the great tormentation (I've just invented a word!) of your characters.Can't wait to read the results!

jtwebster books said...

Yes, very much like bearing a child, but gestation has been known to last for years!!