Friday, June 10, 2011

Sometimes you've just got to ask a man

Which I did last night with no lucky from hubby who had had a very hard day so today I asked a fellow teacher: it you loved a woman whom you knew didn't love you and who loved someone else but could never be with that someone else and you were offered the chance to be wed to her, would you do it? Knowing it was a ruse?'

'He would think he could win her over by the time they spent together,' said my collegue. 'it's such a male way of thinking.'

Perfect answer. It was what I thought would be the case so I nudge my loved characters onwards with each facing internal and external struggles.

I've passed the 56,000 word make which is almost half way. Writing about battles and pain and loss is harrowing. I'm much better at the moment writing the more light-hearted and humorous moments.

But, every night, I chip away and on the weekends I try to devote longer time to writing. My deadline is 1st November.

And, writing this post aint making that happen any quicker....

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