Saturday, July 9, 2011

We weird writers....

I am thinking of making a list which outs we writers about our strange habits. I can't speak for my writery friends so I'll just let you in on a somewhat answer to the question I get asked often: how do you have time? or How do you do it all: teach, parent, run a household, be goddess...?

My usual quip is: I don't exercise - or dust- or garden.
But truthfully, I spend a lot of my time watching dvds and my favourite tv shows: not to be missed currently in our house: Shortland Street, Castle, Dr Who and, the news - until it gets too depressing.

Anyway, how do I do it response one:
It is currently 3:37am. I have been asleep for six hours after a week very ill from the flu and three days teaching. Why am I at my computer at this time? Because it's quiet! Everyone in the family is asleep. No one needs me. It's Saturday.

At 3:37am, a writer can write with out distraction. For me personally, there is a clarity of thought and deeper understanding of the human condition at this time which informs my writing. This is not the time that I write my action scenes (I need chaos around for that) but for those truly moving a character forward moments.

In about an hour, I will trundle off to bed happy in the knowledge that I've written 500 words and addressed a significant moment for my character.

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jtwebster books said...

It must be wonderful to find a time of day that suits you to write, where there is peace and quiet. Hats off to you, I couldn't get up, or stay up for that time.
Glad that you are over your bugs. Treat yourself well until the holidays.