Saturday, November 26, 2011

last chapter; last paragraph; last...


See, we want you to sigh, cried out 'noooo', weep, inhale deeply and shake your head with bittersweet satisfaction.

I have spent two days over the last lines of Birthright. Epilogue was done and dusted right from the start but the ending??? How much to give you? Over state? Understate? Offer hope (of course!) but the realization that there was much work to do which was not in the scope of the book...? That's what I've done.

Vicki, if you're reading this know that the kiss didn't happen but the marching back from battle etc etc did.

There is more to be done before it's ready for public consumption but I am grateful for my team who will set upon the story, find all the flaws and then leave me the summer to fix them.

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