Wednesday, January 4, 2012

laying the foundation - check

2011 was spent writing and rewriting the draft that would eventually be sent to my editor. In 2010, my editor, agent and I had pretty well nutted out the detailed synopsis so last year was simply about writing the story.


But, though the above sentence (um) and the one before it are easy to type, making it come true has proved to be harder. In my youth, I have worked on construction and building/renovation sites. Then, I was impatient to 'MAKE SOMETHING' not understanding the need for good planning, accurate drafting and careful foundation work.

I eventually learned my lesson and became a much better renovator because of it.

With Birthright, the planning was done perfectly (and audited); the drafting was solidly done. Now, it feels like I've built the house, painted most of the walls and put the furniture in only to have my agent and editor come through and humm and haaa.

They are the professionals. I have no artistic talent: I can make a tasty, nutritious meal but no cordon blu stuff. I sit at my writing desk now with all of Katie's fantastic suggestions: to move the red two-seater red onto the landing to stand beside the maiden hair fern (which I'd shoved in the bathroom). This is metaphorically speaking of course. With a simple wave of her (editorial) hand, she has brought to life my sound and solid and somewhat plain opening chapters and for that I am ever grateful. (the above photo is of a couple of pages of her 'suggestions')

I have never yet met a good writer who produces great writing all on their own. Don't think I want to otherwise I might be tempted to do something awful to them *grin*


Rachael King said...

I think the reason a lot of (non-writer) people think writing a novel is easy is that they think if they have a good idea for a plot, then the hard work is done. Not so. The plot is the easy part. It's the writing and making it all fit and flow that's the hard part. And inevitably, things change along the way as the characters emerge as their own people who won't naturally follow the path you had intended for them. Good luck it eth rewrites - my favourite part!

J.T. Webster said...

Hi Tania,

I've given you a blog award. Pop over to my last post for the info.
I hope all is well in your neck of the wood. :)