Tuesday, February 26, 2013

interesting reasons for visitors to my blog

I have a programme which tells me where a visitor comes from and how they got to me, how long they stay, what pages they read and where they go to next.

I have to say, some of those 'how they got to me' are quite funny and I suspect come from students who have been given a homework assignment (because, as a teacher, they're the sorts of questions I might ask my students to think about).

Here is a recent selection:
what information and advice would banquo share to Fleance.
three adjectives that describe Fleance banqo's son
Describe Banquo from his son's point of view.
what Fleance and Banquo were talking about before Banquo got killed
A description of Macbeth from Banquo's son's point of view

These are simple thinking questions which a teacher is using to get his or her students unpacking the text.  What's sad is that students from all over the world are, rather than trusting in their own ideas, putting the question into a search engine and getting someone else to answer it for them.

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