Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bloodlines: setting the story straight

I've finished Echo in the Bone and loved it (and spent too many small hours reading it) and did notice that there was a lot of padding from past history and story - to remind us(?) or to fill in time. Anyway, I was left wanting more cos there is always more but, for Bloodlines, I'm not doing what I call a JK or a Diana.

I want my story to tell a story and be complete in itself. Bloodlines should satisfy you without you having to know the before but if you want more I can give you more.

History is a tenacious beast and open to interpretation. So, if I don't satisfy your particular fetish about 11th Century goings on, I'm sorry. But, I'd be mighty pleased if you flew to Dunedin so that we could chew the fat a while *grin*

I am writing a story about the power of hearts which strive to do the right thing and, at the same time, try to avoid the pain of life. 11th C or 21st C - duh - it's pretty much the same thing.

My problem is satisfying the purists who want history to be as it and those who wonder about how they think it might in the current way we look at history.

My argument is: Be kind. Embrace difference. Do not be so quick to judge something you may not understand.

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