Wednesday, December 2, 2009

recent reviews from two different folk

My friend, mentor and fellow writer gave me honest feedback after reading Banquo' Son. This is what she said:

My honest –to-goodness opinion of Banquo’s son is

1) a page turner (I know other people have said that, but.. I wanted to know what happened to the characters –

2) I liked seeing the story from the view points of the different characters. I liked the comparisons and contrasts of Rosie and Rachel ( great character questions there)

3) A lot happens – nice and racy and eventful

4) Ties in so well with the Banquo story – so clever, although probably no need to know the Macbeth story.

5) The prophecies – again, so cleverly interwoven into the story so that all came across realistically (if that’s the right word)

6) And at the end I still wanted to know more – so just as well there is a sequel or two!

7) I couldn’t see why one of the reviewers said the language wasn’t right. I thought it fitted it fine – no jarring moments, no clangers, no out-of-character words at all.

8) The events and characterisation of the ‘known’ Macbeth characters and what happened to them after Macbeth – were all so plausible!
The teenage angst stuff –will he/won’t he…. Also very realistic

9) I felt ‘informed ‘ about the historical context – nicely woven into the ‘love’ story and the history surrounding Fleance’s predicament

10) And [deleted to avoid spoiler!]’s death – (someone had to die) was quite fitting. Didn’t upset me at all – and so nicely done.

11) If I had a constructive criticism (which I don’t) … make the sequel darker!
And if it is any indication we have 2 copies at school and both have been out from the day they arrived and there is a waiting list!

Jeannie was a secondary school English teacher and HOD for many years plus time as deputy principal, is the mother of two daughters and a fantastic crime writer herself. Jeannie is a youthful women in her fifties.

The other review came toward me with a huge grin on her face. Ellen is 13 and an avid reader and very good writer herself. 'Mrs Roxborogh,' she said, beaming. 'I've just finished Banquo's Son and I think it was the most amazing book I've ever read.'

How many authors are lucky enough to have their readers milling about them and coming up with gems like this?

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Pen said...

Wonderful words. It's great to hear other's love what you do and so encouraging.