Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The last line of Bloodlines

Last lines, eh? Like the icing on the cake? The cream in coffee? The cherry on top?

More like, if I put one more jenga piece on, will the whole tower collapse?

I read a very interesting article by Crista Rucker called Keys to a Great Ending. Crista says "It is a precarious balance between writing a killer finish to your novel and creating an ending that will send it hurtling towards the nearest wall."

So, I have written the last of Bloodlines. It's ALL done. Except the last line. I liked my last line but it was given by a character my publisher didn't want to be named. She was right but I didn't like what she wrote lol.

By the time you get to the last line, your heart will be racing. You will have just gone *squeal! OMG! No! Yes! squeal!* (That's pretty much what my daughter did.)

So, I have to be really, really careful with your feelings. I don't want you chucking the beautiful book across the room. I want to you sit there, still, staring off into the distance, the noise and feel and colour of the scene resonating all through you.

I want your heart beating just that bit faster and I want you to go 'When's the next one out? Quick. I need to climb back into the lives of Fleance, Rosie, Rachel and Blair.'

No pressure!

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Anonymous said...

I want to see it!!!!!! Oh go on....Jo