Sunday, June 13, 2010

That's that then

Off to the typesetter's. I can't do anything else to fiddle with the lives of these characters - not in this book.

Now what? Well, I've just done some edits on a re-issue of a text book and I'm smoothing out some wrinkles of another YA novel though my Y11s are crying: Mermaid book! Mermaid book.

Yes. Must get onto that one. Want to find out what happens.

Oh, and my murder mystery.

And, my middle school novel.

People often ask when do I write. Well, it's past midnight and I'm writing now. Why so late? Hmmmm. My wee border collie bitch became unwell on Thursday night. To the vet Friday but was no better. Early hours of Sat morning equals finding lots of blood in various places around the living room. Later/early Sat morning to the vet's with doggo still bleeding heaps and me and hubby cleaning up the mess.

Above situation confirms why I would never cut it as: a vet, a doctor, a nurse, a care-giver. (though I DID scrub the carpet and the curtains (she brushed against them) and did go out to fed the horse.....)

Oh, and cooked dinner (it was fab).

We survived - as, cross fingers, so will the dog.

So, dear reader, I will pull myself away from that beautifully tragic place of 11th C Scotland and attend to my taxes and family.

Can't wait to get stuck into Birthright though. It's going to be epic!


Anonymous said...

I have my place on the couch and peace and quiet to read the second novel all booked for when it is published. Can't wait.

Imy said...

I loved it please finish it!

WendyMac said...

Reminds me of when you had tonsilitis and kept getting sicker and sicker and I just kept telling you, you had to take your pills. That made me think I wasn't cut out to be a nurse! Congratulations on another great achievement - fantastic.

TK Roxborogh said...

Was that when I was in the sixth form? I have this very clear memory of lying in my bed at night and you coming in cos I had been calling out (dilerious). I think the antibiotics were making me sick too.

You were a goddess Wendy. Hell, one day, when I become rich and famous you can point to the dedication in Runaway *grin*

TK Roxborogh said...

Imogen, the mermaid book MUST be written but so must Birthright. Oh and I'm teaching (you - not that you need me). Keep praying Josh gets that big US deal!