Saturday, May 7, 2011


I think Fleur Beale once told me she considered them 'shower moments' or 'a HA! moments'. Whatever they are, they are the 'slaps forhead and exclaims OF COURSE' moments.

I had one of them on Friday morning as I drove to school and another, after dinner, as I jogged down to the supermarket to get dessert.

It is clear to me that these 'inspiration' times come when I am detached from the noise and busyness of daily life.

I like like like such moments. Has given me much needed mojo. (Maybe Vanda's slapping helped!)


The Gedle said...

just get to the computer (or pencil) before the buzz wears off.

TK Roxborogh said...

you are so right. And I have been making time for myself to think and then booking in time for me to write and it's very exciting when the two come together to actually produce great scenes.

jtwebster books said...

My 'moments' come to be when I'm on my own or out of the house. We just need to make sure we fit plenty of these into our daily lives - never easy!