Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book launches and international publication

People keep asking: when is the film out? when will the book be published internationally? How much do I have to pay for the book?

Good questions.
Answers: film? Well, these things, seriously, take time. I have been involved with the film industry: if you have been given funding then one goes about filming the content but, it takes time because someone (ie who has money - ie production house) has to pick it up. As to the US Film rights, we have to tread carefully because the publishing rights come first....

International publication? Those in the know say that this book should not be 'pigeoned- holed' at any genre. That, there is the rub (ta - Will Shakespeare).

The interest we are getting from a wide range of houses is exciting and looks to mean serious competition for the 'priviledge' of publishing this trilogy.

In the short term, we enjoy the excitment of the impending launch of Banquo's Son here in NZ and OZ and look forward to later publications in other parts of the world.

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