Saturday, September 19, 2009

no more procrastination

The kitchen is tidy, the house is quiet: hubby and doggos napping. Eldest organising her study plan and youngest spending a day with the horses.

Though it is a beautiful spring day, my mate Fleance has sent me urgent txts, twitters, FaceBook messages and the occasional MSN. The tenent of these messages? Get back here now and help me sort out this mess. I've been standing in front of the Earls and Thanes for nearly two months and they want answers.

Here I come, good lad, with some solutions to your immediate problems. Unfortunately, I also bring a bag more of difficulties for you to face in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Well, you've also got a team of lovely girls to help you and Flea. And all those bad things (ought to) come to an end, just to twist a cliche around.

fleance (aka TK Roxborogh) said...

I know and I'm just trying to get the first 20,000 word really good before I give them to you cos I am so anxious to get it right