Monday, September 14, 2009

Pressure from the fans

So, quite a few people now have read Banquo's Son. And, the opinion is divided as to who should be the life partner for Fleance.

What is an author to do? Keep true to my story or be swayed by the people who have strong opinions?

Part of me is pleased that there is developing a Rosie vs Rachel situation - it means I've got it right in terms of these gals who both love Fleance with passion and devotion.

I think I will push on with my original dream because that's what I know is right and, perhaps, some people will be cross (but understand!)


Emma said...

Here's one vote for Team Rosie!

Imy said...

Your da author and while I think I know what happens I think that if you think it is best then it is best!
Team Rach!!!!

fleance (aka TK Roxborogh) said...

Anal teacher and writer says: you're and please put commas in BUT, this is a free forum and we are all allowed to make typos (and the terrible mistakes I used to make last year)

I'm still undecided cos I love them both