Sunday, February 14, 2010

A snippet from Bloodlines

‘So why did she die?’

There was the question that haunted her and the question about Duncan which haunted her also. Why?

The dowager’s words came to mind.
This is dangerous question to ask, Rachel. For, after each answer, another why question surfaces just like a weed in the garden. If you depend on knowing the why, a good life, one that makes a difference in this world, will be taken from you just as those weeds which drain the goodness from the soil, leaving the plant gasping. If your why is to do with human behaviour, you must look only to the story of The Garden of Eden: Why? Because someone had a choice and their choice has caused you pain.


Matthew Schep said...

Aaaah have been waiting for a long time for a little bit more of Bloodlines! Thanks Tania, you have officially sustained me for the next two months!!! I like the passage very much. Keep up the awesome work!

Matthew Schep said...

Aaaaah I have been waiting a long time for another taste of Bloodlines. I love the passage - keep up the awesome work, Tania!