Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A window in my editing phrase

I wrote a few days ago on my FaceBook status update that going through the edits of ones manuscript is about as painful as trying to clean the gunk from ones shower. However, I am being unfair to my friend, Jo, who has willingly and (she told me) at times joyfully read the first 107 pages of Bloodlines.

Not only does Jo show me the error of my ways, she also puts in lots of positive affirmation (in the form of smiley faces). I thought I’d share with you some of her comments – I hope they make you smile as they have me:

‘Trickling is better; babies dribble’
‘Its – you can’t be sure of its gender’ (I was talking about a rat)
‘Too many buts!’
‘Candles too dim for sewing!’
‘No one sews at midnight – too dark – and in a nightgown out of bed in Scotland, in Oct! too cold!’
‘This is brilliant!’
‘When did he get it out?’ (Henri’s knife)
‘Nice irony.’
‘You need to get him from the stairs to the hall.’
‘Won’t he offer some to poor Rosie? She’s cold, hungry, thirsty…’ (oops – Flea forget his manners)
‘No! Think of Othello! Lady Macduff.’
‘Different adjective now? This is no. 3’
‘Transubstantiation from wine to posset! Call continuity and complain.’
‘Please, can Fleance have a drink too?’

Of course, this won’t make sense to you and it’s only a small piece of the notes and corrections and questions and requests but I hope it makes you wonder what I've written, what the characters are up to and what will it turn out like in the end.


Melinda Szymanik said...

"call continuity and complain" - your reader is a hoot! Every writer needs someone like this to keep them in line:)

Katarina said...

LOL. I wish i came up with gems like this.