Thursday, October 8, 2009

Being famous author person in Auckland

Working on someone else's computer can be hazardous. I just spent half an hour inserting links into my message and clicked on something which deleted the whole post.

Arrghh. Anyway, I'll try to remember what I wrote:

This morning I spoke to my eldest daughter who is in Wellington for the New Zealand Secondary Students choir. 'Why are you in Auckland?' she asked. 'Being famous-author-person,' I replied. She snorted. Children are so hard to impressed. But it's true. I'm here for signings and interviews and author events and to catch up with friends and family and offically launch Banquo's Son here in Auckland.

Yesterday, I signed books and talked to booksellers. I finally caught up with (in real time and space) with the delightful Melinda Syzmanik as well as Michele Powles, the 2010 Burns Fellow along with my dear friend, writer Jeannie Mclean (who is hosting me while I'm here).

Today it's a bit of a fun time with my husband's nephew, radio star Tim Roxborogh on Easy Mix and later an interview for the Arts of Sunday programme for National Radio.
Later in the week there are few more events planned but I'll blog about those after the events.

It's kinda strange being pulled back into the world of Banquo's Son and listening to people discuss it when I'm now so far (in my brain more than the word count) of Bloodlines.


Rachael King said...

Congratulations on the launch Tania! Very exciting. Any news from New York yet?

Pen said...

Sounds like fun!
I'm enjoying reading about your 'journey' so thanks for sharing. :D

Congrats on everything Banquo btw, I can't wait to read it.