Sunday, October 4, 2009

Snippets of reviews coming in since the launch

From FaceBook (I've removed last names for their privacy:
Jessica: i finished Banquos son and absolutely loved it. Its amazing! i can't wait ofr blood lines
Janine: Finished Banquo's Son and LOVED IT!!!!!
Jessica: i started reading it the night of the book launch, and i hate you because i have done no work since!
Anne: After touching THE book at the airport Whitcoulls... I now have the library copy in my bag to take home & read... finally!

Via email:
From Joanna Orwin - a very gifted writer whose honest review was appreciated:
I was fully caught up in the story once you introduced Duncan at Glamis castle - from there on I thought your writing lifted to a higher level and maintained that throughout the book, showing an assurance and pace that wasn't quite there for me in the first 60 pages. Partly this reflects of course the usual reader's need to be convinced - beginnings are always so difficult! But I really liked the developing relationship between the two young men and found that more convincing than the early scenes between Fleance and Rosie (the later ones worked better for me, once they were separated and meeting only occasionally, with all that irresolution, lack of understanding and tension, and the added complication of Rachel). I do think you've handled a complex story with aplomb, and it's definitely a page-turner once you hit your stride. When you take into account the speed with which you had to write this book and the time pressure you were under, it's a remarkable achievement, Tania.

Ruth McInytre, The Children's Bookshop,Wellington: Yes I have finished Banquo's Son. I loved it and I did cry! (I can't post anymore of her email cos it will give away the story)

Belynda Smith, Children's and Teenage Services Librarian, Takapuna Library:
I loved it! I often struggle with historical fiction but loved Banquo’s son. I feel a real fondness for the characters and keep thinking about them all long after finishing the book. I can’t wait to join them all again in Bloodlines.

From the web:
Storytime Books:
The characters are wonderfully real, the story beautifully told, and the ambitious plan to write a sequel to Macbeth is carried off with great style and many references to events in the original play. I look forward to the next volume.

Snippets from the Print Media:Nicolas Reid, Sunday Star Times: ...She gives us quite an enjoyable yarn of what could have happened to Fleance once his father was murdered...Banquo's Son does the business as a page turner

Otago Daily Times. Reviewed by Gillian Vine: Banquo's Son is a good read.

NB: the above two reviews mainly just tell the story so I've pulled out the positive gush cos that's what we like to read.

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