Monday, October 5, 2009

Is this a sequel I see before me? Extracts from Listener review

This is the best so far and to be in the Listener, no less:
Banquo’s son is a gripping, ripping adventure and, like Shakespeare himself, Roxborogh is a riveting story-teller… the slightly mannered style and quasi-formal dialogue are very readable and evoke a plausible enough 11th-century Scotland. Particularly affecting are the acts of treachery on the brutal and bloody battlefields…Banquo’s Son certainly has elements reminiscent of Meyer’s Twilight series – tortured adolescents, honour versus love, supernatural influences – but thankfully it also has strong female characters and a likeable, principled hero. Who know whether thanes and kings will become the new vampires, but it’s certainly an appealing thought. Reviewed by Catriona Ferguson


flavia said...

Hey Mrs R, great review! I bought a copy of the listener yesterday. I could scan it and send it to you if you want the whole thing to go onto the blog?

TK Roxborogh said...

I've got it all Flavia but I think there might be copywrite issues so I've not put the whole lot on

Rachael King said...

Great review! You could link to it once it goes on the Listener website in full.