Monday, October 19, 2009

Re-writing Shakespeare

I have just discovered yet another intriguing novel which is described as the prequel to Hamlet based on the sonnets. Go here to visit Merlin Hermes site which showcases her new novel The Lunatic, the lover and the poet. It looks amazing and I love the YouTube promo. I think this will be a significant addition to the wonderful novels using Shakespeare's plays and sonnets as sources.

John Marsdon published 'Hamlet, the novel' last year and it was a wonderful read.

Of course, there's Mal Peet's Exposure which just won the Guardian's Children's Prize. It's a modern version of Othello.

And, just published (the same time as Banquo's Son) is Lisa Klien's Lady Macbeth's daughter.

What fun! (now, back to the marking)

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