Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Banquo's Son - book two

I've finally found a bit of traction. My senior students have all but disappeared off on study leave giving me some breathing space from their anxious tutorials. Just three times 25 kids less a day makes a HUGE difference to the emotion tank. This means, by the time I get home (and after I've been domestic goddess - Vanda, I join you) I actually have enough head space to go back to the 11th Century and deal with the subterfuge and nasty happenings in Scotland.

I got a bit stuck because I couldn't seem to get the damn boy outta the castle. The girl was on her way on her adventures (no, not telling what type) but I needed to kick some serious butt to get Fleance on the move. What he doesn't know but what I'll tell you is: I've got some really nasty surprises in store for him. Heh Heh. A boy's gotta really grow into a man if he's to be a manly man and, what I'm starting to feel again is the exposure to this world which I dip my feet into.

The more I'm there, the more I see and understand. Unlike this time last year, I have oh, one extra month up my sleeve but also the pressure of the deadline.

I want what I've learned from writing the first of this trilogy (in terms of skill and quality of writing) to be cranked up for the second. I want people to say: OMG this is even better than the first book. Really, really, want this.

At this stage, it is still Fleance who drives the narrative and Rosie is there and, as I've posted recently, Rachel. But, lurking in the background is a dark figure. A nasty piece of knitting. Someone who has the potential to do a great evil. Mwahhhh hahah.


Pen said...

You're having fun. Can't wait to read it.

Imy said...

It is sounds so good. Im glad you are letting ....... have a go, because I love getting in to the baddies heads! Then you can read the book whilst yelling at the goodies, unfortunately they never get my warnings!