Monday, November 23, 2009

Banquo's son - what are my readers interested in?

As I've posted before, some who come across this site are new to the whole 'Banquo's Son Trilogy' thing; others have been with me from the beginning (early Jan 2009).

The first of the trilogy is only five weeks old so we've got a whole new world of readers but me, and the few faithful who have been with me since the beginning, want more than sound bites about Banquo's Son.

So, Banquo's Son is a hit! Great reviews; great sales. It's a great novel.

Now, the next one. Well, it's been an exciting few days for me (see previous post) and today, while I supervised an exam, I charted out the point by point events of our dear Flea, our lovely Rachel, and a number of other key characters. That as well as serious study of some serious history of early medieval Scotland/England/Europe.

The problem is, the basics are very thin on the ground. The big picture i.e. the politics (who is in power and who isn't and who was working to disturb both) is there for the world to see.

I don't want to be drawn into that history but I do want the end of the trilogy to aline itself with the real deal.

My minor was history but not this far back. Hmm.

The story is in good heart, dear reader. Just give me time to ensure that the king of scotland is not checking his emails or flying to Europe. *grin*

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