Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fleance and Rachel

I've now got myself in a spot of bother by being mean to these two. Um, think dramatic filmic moment here. Think, who do I save first? Think, no, authors don't save their characters - they make them deal with it.

Trouble is, er, it's me that's going to have to figure out what to do with both these situations. That's a massive ask: research into military manoeuvres, shipping schedules, the weather!

Crap. I've got marking and junior reports ahead of me but now I have to deal with imminent warfare and ruthless torture. Why do I spend so much time reading blogs and forums and FaceBook when I should be writing?

I don't made things easy for myself. (Though I loved spending the most part of yesterday and early this morning reading Vanda Symon's latest: Containment. Joy.

Still, the dusting has been ignored for another week

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Pen said...

The dusting can wait. ;)

Don't remember when I dusted last!

Writing comes first. Ah, priorities.