Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bloodlines - done!

Well, in that, I've finished my version of the novel. It stands at 105,000 words plus. But, it's actually not finished in the way that the keen bunnies at school who keep asking to read it will enjoy the experience just yet because I now need to work through ALL the suggestions, comments, 'eekks' and edits from my publisher and agent.

Still, it's a relief to have got to the end and I feel very happy with the story (though I KNOW there will be lots of bits to mould into a better shape).

My usual word length is around 40,000. Before Banquo's Son, the last two books were about 60,000 words in length; my previous children's novel Space Gum was 30,000 words.

Much, much easier to remember where you put things when you only have to read over 80 or 120 pages. Continuity is going to be on my radar as I go through the next stage. Can't have the moon being full one day and a sliver the next, can I?

Bloodlines cover coming soon - squeeee


a certain book said...

Congrats! Well done! You're amazing. Looking forward to the cover. :)

Pen said...

Awesome! Stage one complete. It is a weird and wonderful feeling isn't it?!

Rachael said...

l done Tania! You're an inspiration, as Mary McCallum has pointed out on her blog.

Princess of Shadows said...

Hiya! I read your book as part of the New Zealand Post Book Awards and I was captivated from the very beginning. You are an amazing author. As I read I found myself high in the Scottish hills and riding through the moors ;-). I thank you for an addictive read and a fantastic beginning to an exhilarating Trilogy!

I look forward to reading the sequel and will search my library for more of your work.

May the music of your mind flow true, PoS. :-)

TK Roxborogh said...

thank you for your comments and thank you Princess of Shadows for your wonderful comments re your reading of Banquo's Son.

I still have a lot of work to do but I hope you will all be happy with Book Two.

I'm taking the week off (too much marking!) and half of next week is touring but from Thurs next week on.... it's head down

Rotoiti said...

Can we have a quick synopsis about book 2? Will it involve Flea? Whats the time line? Can't wait!