Friday, April 2, 2010

Having TIME is a good thing

My deadline was 1st of April and I missed it. First time in my writing career. Just as well I have an understanding boss (*Tania waves at Vicki*). I sent her all the rest of what I'd written (pages 65-206) and then crawled back to bed.

See, last day of school, last day before deadline, I got sick. (note to self: don't kiss hubby even though you love and adore him!)


What a waste of time is being sick: you can't think properly; you can't stand up for long; you can't unstackthedishewasherwhilemakingthelunchesaswellaspayingthebillsonlineandfreakingoutbecausetheombusdmanhasdecidedthatbecauseyouaretakingyouractiontheywillpulloutandwaiteandseewhathappens

Exhausted? Were you bothered to unpack that last sentence? If you did, then score and go buy more easter eggs

Still, I live in a community. I have wonderful friends. *this time Tania waves to Jo and the babes and her understanding husband*

I did manage to get EXCITED about the cover. Squeeeee. Can't wait to show you all.

This Easter weekend I am writing the end. I intend for you to be bawling your eyes out in a happy way. (You know the kind).

Anyway, my final comment about time? When, as a writer, you have time, all these little interesting and intriguing plots lift their heads which you need to look at. Wonderful 'fictional opportunities' as Maurice Gee calls them.

Have been having, despite my lurgie, lots of revelations of lost fictional opportunities

OMG It's still early and the smoke alarm is still beeping.
Oh, I know, I'll go trawing the internet reading blogs.

*Tania waves*

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