Saturday, April 10, 2010

By the way if you think being a writer is easy...

...know this:

It's as easy as vomiting every day from week six of your pregnancy (me times two);

It's as easy as a two day labour (me with only the 12 hours with drugs to ease the pain);

It's as easy as learning stuff about your family which rocks the understanding of your world.

It's late nights and early mornings. Dressing gown days and shaming the teens who see you with friends without makeup.

It's your precious husband who builds a sanctuary in the other room so that you can rise and shine to set the world according to your own clock

It's all done in the hope that one day you will make it big and be given big monies and retire to attend to the fall out of all of the above.

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Pen said...

That it is Tania.

Someone once said: Writing is like opening a vein and letting your blood pour out on to the page (or something like).

Sometimes it's true and sometimes I think it sounds a heck of a lot easier than writing!