Monday, April 5, 2010

The trouble with great advice is it can paralyse you

This is what's happened to me over the past 24 hours and I re-read Randy's great advice on writing the perfect scene and then began to panic that I wasn't 'doing it right'.

He says at the end of this article: You may be feeling that it's impossible to write your scenes following these rules. Doing so causes you to freeze. You stare blindly at the computer screen, afraid to move a muscle for fear of breaking a Rule. Oh dear, you've got yourself a case of writer's block. That's bad. Now let me tell you the final secret for writing the perfect scene.

Huhuh. You got that right buddy. But then he let me off of the hook and reminded me of the need just to write the SFD to get the draft down.

Now you are ready to edit it and impose perfect structure on it. This is a different process than Creation. This is Analysis, and it is the opposite of Creation. Analysis is destruction. You must now take it apart and put it back together.

I just wish I had more time!

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