Monday, August 2, 2010


The second in the trilogy will be launched in Dunedin 22nd of September and the book available from the 1st of October.

Apparently, it's a very good read. Apparently, it's acutally better than Banquo's Son. I say: it better be cos it's caused blood, sweat and tears, for the author, the agent and the publisher!

Tis a funny thing the whole writing and publishing expectations. Bloodlines is to be published in a few weeks and I'm focussed on the final in the trilogy, Birthright.

This third book is kick ass, light my fire, OMG, kind of story. We are so excited: we being publisher, agent, author and babes.

Seriously, last night I drafted out the chapter summaries and oh oh oh squee, it is going to be knock yer socks off kinda stuff. Yeee HAAAA.

though,sadly no one will care because there is such a time lag.

Good friends: enjoy Bloodlines in a few weeks and look forward to the final installment of the trilogy, knowing that, one day, it will be a film with international appeal and you saw it here first!


Aimee said...

Are you having an Auckland launch? Oh man, I'm so so so excited to read Bloodlines, argh! CAN'T WAIT!

TK Roxborogh said...

Sorry Aimee (and Fiona and MUM). The books won't be available at the time I'm in Auckland so, no, special launch. Wahhh

TK Roxborogh said...

BTW Aimee, I really really miss you

Pen said...

Congrats Tania. It's awesome to see all your hard work is paying off. So excited for you.

Vanda Symon said...

What's this? Proper film nibbles?!