Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sudden death

I have to think very carefully about the choice to kill off a character. It has to be essential to plot or character development.

But, just yesterday, we recieved a phone call from a dear friend whose husband died suddenly.

No plot device there. No rhyme nor reason.

I cannot imagine the pain my friend is going through right now and if my tears are an inkling then hers are manifold.

Not a sword nr a bomb. But a quiet silent killer. The common cold.

From today, I take the shock and pain of this event and put it in my tool box as I navigate through the novel where people die. I will not be so glib as I may have been on Friday. I will tred carefully and I will think about Denis and his irreveant and quirky Virginian self.

R.I.P Dennis Skeens.

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Pen said...

Condolences Tania. We lost a friend to leukemia a month ago. It's a very difficult thing to grieve for a lost friend and the family left behind. *hugs*