Saturday, August 7, 2010

The weather is crap

It's feekin cold. It's raining and sleeting and probably snowing somewhere in central. The fire's been on (Yes, Jo! ON!!) since 10am. The dogs are bored. The husband is trying to write an essay.

Me. I'm smokin! Heh. First chapter of Birthright. I can see it, feel it, smell it. I can sense the tension and the agendas and the anxiety.

I'm in love with my book at this time. Maybe in a week I'll hate it but this time, like the first time, I know EXACTLY where I'm going and what is going to happen.

I just love my characters: Flea, Rachel, Rosie, Blair, Henri, dear sweet Charissa, frail Firth, Ross and Lennox and silent Caithness. The bishop and his issues.

For today (to quote the neverending dancing toys) I am content.

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Pen said...

Long may it last T.K (the sensation of being in love, not the horrid weather!) ;)