Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finding cool bits....

I'm up to chapter 21 of the 'accepting or rejecting my publisher's edits' stage of the process and am delighting finding wee snippets. I think to myself: did I write that? Hey, that's kinda cool.

Here is one such moment found in a 'Rosie' chapter:

“The low times are more important and testing than enjoying the high times,’ Ma had said. ‘To find purity in any metal, one must expose it to the extremists of heat. So it is with love. Any weakness and it will not endure.’

‘Do you think Flea and I will endure,’ Rosie had asked.

‘Only time will tell, lass,’ Ma had said and turned back to pulling out weeds with her bent and twisted hands.


Anonymous said...

I love Ma's bent and twisted hands! (But "extremes" rather than extremists would be cooler still...)

Anonymous said...

HURRY UP, please printer - cos I am so wanting to meet these people - after having spent so long hearing snippets of their stories. Can't wait, Tania!