Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Name changes

Sorry guys, I've had to be brutal. Imogen is no more - Imy, I'll put your name in another Shakespeare sequel promise!
Imogen is now Carissa
Miranda is now Keavy (love this)
Miriam is simply Miri
Pearson is Preston (say the name - it's pointed and hard and sharp just like him)

I have closed the lap top, poured myself a delicious glass of Sav and will not go back to Scotland for a number of days. 'Wait until it calls you back,' sez my wonderful publisher. And, that is what I will do.

'You are tired,' sez Fleur who then quotes from chapter 30 'and fell to his knees'. 'I can tell - you just want it all to be over!' Oh how blessed I am to be surrounded by a team of supportive people.

Fleur and I did have a fantastic coffee time and excitedly found ins and outs and moments which will make you go 'Yay!' and 'Wow!'

Herewith, I remove my writer's uniform and emerge from the phone booth as mother and teacher - for that is how it should be.

I fly back to lovely ol' Scottish Dunedin, looking forward to seeing my girls: biological and scholastic.

Oh, and the hubby

Oh, again and the doggies.

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