Sunday, February 8, 2009

ten chapters to go

I am on the homeward stretch working this third draft. Fleur has written screeds of notes on the last ten chapters and I've got the comments from the babes which will help me keep true to the heart of the story.

My researcher is currently pouring over chapters 1-25 telling me such things as 'yes they had potatoes' and providing me with the name of the most northern English port off the east coast.

I have to keep remembering the fact that, though it is 'basically set in 11th Century' it is the sequel to William Shakespeare's Macbeth and what how I imagine he would have written it.

I think we will need to put an author's note in the front about this.

I keep finding more and more things I could do and say but I'm storing them up for the sequel.

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Anonymous said...

Came to see you on Saturday (not realising you were in Wellington) - but you were definitely in the right place. Love the picture of you scribbling away in Fleur's turret - inspiration STILL burning. Really want to see the latest draft....