Wednesday, February 25, 2009

word count and new readers

I can't believe I've hit the post 120,000 mark. When my publisher first suggested, way back in late November, that this would be an epic, a swallowed down my apprehension and nodded. And, who would have thought back then that, within three months, I have the sequel firmly secured in a five page synopsis and the third in a one page outline. So, what started as a one book story has become a trilogy.

Also, apart from receiving Annie's lovely picture, I had given three copies of the alternative beginning to three Y12 students who had heard nothing of the story or its process. Their comments?

'I LOVED it,' sez Greer.
'Yeah,' sez Leigh. 'It's sooo cool.'
'And,' I asked nervously. 'What did you think of Rosie?'
'Loved Rosie!' Lauren said enthusiastically. The other two nodded. 'Yeah, Rosie's cool.'

Sigh. Great, mission accomplished (so to speak).

Next period, I had my Y13s and they asked for the whole story (all three books). At the end of the period, two of my lovely internationals sidled up to the desk. 'Can we read?' they asked pointing to the manuscript on top of a pile of marking. 'You want to?'I asked. They nodded vigorously.

I DO actually teach my classes, it's just that the Y13s were less than half a class cos of a Bio trip and it was only a short interruption of their work - promise.

As Annie said, the alternative beginning doesn't work for her because the prologue isn't really a prologue and chapter one (in the original version) is so good. I agree. Somehow I've got to maintain the impact of the initial start with the lovely introduction of Rosie and Flea's first real 'kaaziing!' moment.

Piece of cake.

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