Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finished - kind of

I woke about a quarter to 3 in the morning (not an irregular thing for me) with scenes and conversations swirling around my head. I did try to ignore them and go back to sleep but, what with the hubby quietly snoring and the clock ticking, I thought - might as well get up and write.

I have just sent off the last four chapters of the book and I'm pleased with the ending. I had wanted to put Zeus the cat in there somewhere at the end but I think he was too busy hunting mice to make a final appearance.

I'm certain, in the polishing stages, the publisher may call for more weather or other embellishments but it will be good to see the whole thing together.

I will print off a copy of this last lot to give to the babes to read as well as consider the chapters which show you how Rosie and Flea fell in love - it's really rather sweet.

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Anonymous said...

I WANT TO READ IT TOO!!!!! I am feeling so deprieved, it isn't true! Longing to see it at last.