Tuesday, June 2, 2009

updating the blog

This is not an excuse and, I'm really glad to have this blog. But, I guess, all those months ago it was for Mum and my friends and the babes to keep them up to play with the progress of Banquo's Son. What do you do then, when the book is, um actually finished and the author is awaiting the final product? What do you do when said book is now doing the rounds of New York publishing houses and the author turns on her phone at 3am in the hope there's an encouraging email from her agent?

You go: get a life Tania and damn well keep writing cos we want to know what happens next!

This blog was started as a playground for Banquo's Son. When we did create it, I didn't know that my concept would turn into a trilogy.

However, I do enjoy knowing people from all over pop by and I'm happy to say that Jessica Napper (Y13 at Columba College) is creating my very own website in anticipation that this concept will go global.

As to the rest? My life consists of: Anytime between 4 and 5 am: getting up and letting the two cats out. Turning on the jug while I start up my computer; having a cup of tea while I check out blogs and respond to emails. Then, I make the lunches for my two children. Then I put on a load of washing (or unstack the dishwasher or any other domestic chore you can think of).

At 7am EXACTLY, I collect the newspaper (we are the last street to be delivered - torture!) and I pour myself another cup of tea, wake the children (yeah right) and read the paper, do the code cracker and attempt the Sudoku but only if it's medium or hard (hey, I have standards!)

At 7;30, I yell at all - get out of bed. And, often, I go get the dogs up and leave them to their sniffing and woofing while I continue to bang on the shower door: it's been 20 minutes!!!

Hopefully, by 8am, I'm dressed, the other two are dressed, and all things necessary for a successful school day is in place (Tui ad here peoples).

All who are wiser and more experienced than me say – this too shall pass.

I say. Praise the lord and can those houses in NYC make me an offer that will pay for kids’ education – please.

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Rachael King said...

Ah yes, the middle of the night email waiting. When Picador were going to make an offer I kept the doors between my bedroom and the living room open so I could hear if an email arrived, and I got up a billion times to check. Nothing came through then I had to sit through the weekend. Turned out my agent had left a letter off my email address which is why I didn't get it the first night.

I can't believe you get up at 4 or 5 am but on second thoughts considering how much you seem get done I'm not really surprised at all. I need at least 8 hours, preferably 9. Maybe if i slept less I would get more done, but somehow I think not as I would just be tired.