Thursday, June 11, 2009

a wee present from the publisher

In the mail yesterday was a poster from the marketing department - it is advertising Banquo's Son. It looks great. This morning, I put it up in the corridor at school and was delighted when I heard lots of squealing from the girls as they came in from assembly. Those who have read the books are beaming and those who know nothing about it are asking lots of questions. When can I read a copy? is now a common request. Each step in the process of publication is exciting but it's still hard waiting. Publication date is set for 28th of September and, as I'm up in Auckland for a literature festival on the 11th of October, I thought I might have the Auckland launch on the 10th.

However, I want to have a special launch here in Dunedin with the babes.

Still no news from NYC - sigh!

1 comment:

Sam Steel said...

I saw it and was that...? and it was! haha its so amazing!

I cant wait to read it!

~Sam S