Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bloodlines Number Five on the bestseller list

this is very pleasing. Still getting lovely emails and messages left on the facebook page from people from all over saying how much the LOVED Bloodlines - more than they loved Banquo's Son.

I have just polished the first 5,000 of Birthright after the detailed notes and comments made by the girls and am very happy with it. They have giving it the thumbs up as well with some suggestions for further tweaking which I agree with. A month or so down the track, I might put up the first few pages as a teaser.


Amanda said...

Ohhhh can't wait to see the tease! I read the Banquo's Son in half a day and went straight onto Bloodlines which I am half through after a couple of hours. Love the books!

T K Roxborogh said...

Thanks Amanda. I just wish I had more time in the day. I am trying to get the a decent 'tease' ready but I go over it again and again and I'm still not pleased. Meanwhile, the grass it growing longer and if I were my neighbours, I would despair. Their place is immaculate; ours looks a bit ramshackled.

Still, they, the lovely folk are retired; we are in full swing as parents of teens, working full time, and each doing other important stuff - him finishing a degree; me finishing, or um actually writing, a book!

Maybe once the flurry of excitement over Bloodlines has cooled, I will put something up with public comment. (Tania goes away nervously chewing nails).