Thursday, October 21, 2010

How wonderful when you recieve a 'tweet like this:'

OOh just spotted the latest Tania Roxborogh on the binding shelf. Blood Lines. I am so taking that home tonight. (from the Central HawkesBay Library).

It's always a good sign when one gets a librarian excited.

You know you've made progress, in the world of writing, when the phrase 'the latest [insert your name]. It's almost celebrity status. Like 'Have you seen the latest Bruce Willis movie? or 'Have you read the latest Diana Gabaldon?'

Kinda like branding.

In other shameless self-promoting news, a steady line of students are arriving at my desk with copies of either Banquo's Son or Bloodlines (sometimes both) to sign. Loving also, hearing them discuss the characters with each other, tell me how much they loved the book and nice to hear their mums, nanas, cousins..... are reading the book now.

Book sellers are making a good job of displaying both titles (from the txts I'm getting from friends and family around the country). One store manager told tell me the books are selling steadily and another reported Bloodlines was the third best seller for their store.

My youngest spotted someone at her high school walking around with Banquo’s Son. She told me it was too weird. ‘You’re everywhere, Mum!’

The writing/editing is happening about a page a night at the moment. I just have too much other stuff crammed into my days.

We are off to Central Otago tomorrow for three days and I hope to do lots of work then. I might even let my friend Jo take first peek - but only if I'm brave.


jtwebster books said...

Have a great time in Central. Hope you get to relax as well as write!

TK Roxborogh said...

BTW Boodlines Number 4 on the Bestseller's list this week. Whoop

jtwebster books said...

Yay, exciting news!

Vanda Symon said...

Well, if you're skiving off to Central, how can you all come around for a meal?!!!

Have fun