Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reasons I'm not writing but I will after this post - promise

A couple of weeks ago I posted here about what stops me from carrying on with the task of writing.

In that time, I've come up with some others: occupation overuse syndrome (known as OOS). I am currently getting intensive physio every two days to help alleviate the pain in my right elbow and neck and shoulder. My bad. I did not use the correct posture over the school holidays - am now, I can tell you - and the wonderful 13,000 words I wrote came at a cost.

Add to this that I am a teacher. An English teacher. I mark - a lot! Currently, my arm is so sore I cannot pull clothes from the dryer, chop carrots, pick up a bottle of wine, lift up anything heavier than a copy of Bloodlines. Even driving is a problem (thank goodness for the eldest teen). Family are having to step up to the plate and they are bless them.

The other thing keeping me from my writing is the wonderful Dunedin weather at present: it is sunny! It is warm! It is, I'm-just-gonna-sit-in-the-sun-and-read type of weather not lock-myself-away-in-my-study-and-write. Hey, I need the Vit. D.

Online stuff distracts me but I find it so fascinating: the blogs, FaceBook, the emails, the webpage. I'm a nosey, looking over the fence type of gal. I want to know what other writers are doing and saying. Half the time, I'm lifted up and encouraged; the other half sends me wailing into my breakfast.

I'm also distracted by the emotion of it all: waiting to here news from overseas; waiting for reviews for Bloodlines; the comings and goings of key people who are, I feel, my touch stones and, the waiting and worrying and waiting.

But, like those of you who have already read Bloodlines (and told me so and told me to hurry up with the next book) I want to know what happens. I love being in their world. I really came to admire Rachel and so pleased Rosie got the final say and Henri is so interesting and and and....

So, I’ve taken twenty minutes to write this post (cos I am a bad speller and needed to check it was all perfect before I posted), I am now ready to go back to the fray cos, damn, fray it is!


TK Roxborogh said...

Also, I have eldest child still recovering from chronic illness sitting her 'mock' exams, about to sit Grade 8 piano and having to 'catch up' on some internals before the 1st of nov.

I have husband and youngest about to sit university and end of year exams respectively, so there's some amount of stress.

Jackson, our male border collie, is looking particularly unimpressed at this time

Pen said...

Go to it! But pace yourself and don't over do it with the arm.

We can't wait to read the next one, but we'd rather you took it easy and didn't make things worse. We do actually want you to be able to write it.

So look after yourself. Pen's orders! ;)

Aren't I bossy?

jtwebster books said...

Hi Tania,

Sorry to hear about your sore arm. I hope it and all the other 'things' going on in your busy household, settle down soon.

Yay for Dunedin weather! Isn't today another beauty?

I really enjoyed Bloodlines and can't wait for the next one. Henri and his apples intrigue me and Rachel is such a strong loyal character. I can't wait to see what you do with them.