Saturday, October 16, 2010

Roxborogh can't keep quiet

Okay. I AM writing. I'm also now heavily loaded with Level 2 English marking (hi girls!) and, I am being VERY VERY good when it comes to posture and micro pauses and yadda yadda yadda to help my OOS.

Just looked at JK Rowling's page (thanks Maureen) and laughed out loud. The scribbles look just like mine. Though I prefer to type the text straight onto the computer, I need to write out the plan - go figure.

Anyway, Bloodlines is doing well in the market/review stakes and I'm concentrating on Birthright and, acutally, writing some really good stuff.

Have finished the first act but now have gone back to the start and am going through fixing up the clunkers (there weren't many - promise) and polishing the art work.

I needed to do this because I was getting twitchy with what I was writing - too much mess; too my clutter.

It's all good though. The English teacher/reader in me is VERY please.

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jtwebster books said...

Glad to hear you can get back to the writing. Take care of that arm, you're gonna need it for a loooong time.