Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the half blood prince

I saw it tonight and jumped out of my seat but, all the while, thought of who, of these actors, could be/play characters.

For instance: Snape is Old Preston. Come on. Is he good or bad? Yes, he's sleezy but is he for Scotland or agin?

The actor who plays Draco Malfoy: Callum people.OMG - so Callum. In a couple of years, this actor will be ready to play the part of a young son who ...... oh. Can't say anymore because it will give away the plot.

Then I look around my classes and see wonderful actors (female) who would fit the bill for any of the parts. Even Rosie. Rachel? Haven't found her yet. People ask: what about you, Tania. Do you want a part like Steph Meyer? I say: I'll be the extra in the tavern. I learned many years ago that, though I habour a desire to be an actress, I'm better being a director than an actor.

heh heh

[author slaps her hand: writing. Now. Stop procrastinating]

Tania waves as the weather decends.....


flavia said...

Yes! Tom Felton (Draco) is great for Callum!

Aimee said...


PLEASE, no Harry Potter actors, they are soooooooo bad. Most of them spent the whole movie walking around looking like they were half asleep! or worse...

You should try get unknowns, i think that would be best.

Imogen said...

Yes to the unknowns. Danni and I were discussing this on the bus. (Very good discussing place) We both feel that the actor you picked out for Flea is just not right. Flea is slight and doesn't really have huge bulging muscles. His are underlying. Also Flea is fairly quiet and unassuming, that person seems a little to "perfect: hair, smile". I am sure they are very nice but they are not Flea. Ditto with Duncan however he seemed a little too harsh. Can we just wait and see who turns up? Though that Harry Potter dude looks perfect!!!!!!!!! For Callum not any one else! And The actress of Rosie is also perfect!

fleance (aka TK Roxborogh) said...

okay! okay!
I guess I'm trying project my imagination on what's already out there.

Yes, unknowns. Let's make some people stars!!

Anonymous said...

Guys! A couple of posts ago you were all falling over getting Chance Crawford to play Flea, and now we are all looking for unknowns! Yes, i think Rachel does need to be an unknown -but Flea does have some muscles! Ok he's not muscle man but does he have to be skinny? Anyone in for Jim Sturgess's body and Adrian Grenier's head???It could work. I mean Flea's is the main character: he's a massive hottie!
xoxo Dani
ps pretty please no harry potter actors

Dreamflyer said...

I agree, mostly Unknowns, but I must say that Tom Felton is a really good actor and would make quite a good bad guy.

Katarina said...

I saw HP6 on Saturday and was thinking for half of the movie 'yes, the guy who plays Draco would be good for Callum'. also he looks rather spiffy in a suit. LOL.
Anybody else hate the ending?
we all (mum, Janine and I) all though it was sucky. (I was going to say crap but Mum and J didn't think it was appropriate).
I mean "I never relised how beautiful this pace was",
surely they could of come up with something better than that.
Mum said all it was missing was a 'to be continued'.
Ok thats enough ranting for now,
back to my homework it is (oh the joys of being a procrastinator)