Monday, July 6, 2009

On a roll

One of the wonderful things about school holidays is that I am under no rush in the mornings. Mornings are my time - I'm up early and it's glorious to know that hours are stretching out in front of me and I can stay in my pjs (yes, I have a THING about staying in my pjs!) and wallow like a pig in mud in my created world. Yesterday I wrote over 2000 words (the day before I wrote a 1000 but edited out a 1000 so not sure if that counted).

My only 'appointment' today is to take the youngest to an appointment at 1pm. Said child is out of the house for the day doing busy things with busy younger things so no one is going to utter the 'M' word to me (that's Muuummm!).

Very pleased to be getting to know Bree better and am starting to see more of her qualities and the complexity of her personality - especially what she has been through the past 18 months! Fleance is going to have his hands full!

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