Saturday, July 4, 2009

No Excuses

It's officially the school holidays. It's raining. I'm in my pjs still. The dogs are napping. The 13 year old is still in bed. The eldest is in Chch being famous singer person with the national secondary students choir. Hubby is bringing me cups of tea. The fire is roaring. No one else wants to use the lap top. I've read all the blogs I usually read. Scotland is waiting....waiting. Fleance is tapping his foot impatiently. So (she takes a deep breath and puts an imaginery hand to the heart) I, T.K. Roxborogh do hereby promise to write at least 1000 words a day for the next week with the aim of writing at least a total of 15,000 words before school goes back on the 20th of July. This takes into account a family road trip around parts of the Southland in the second week. There - it's out there.


maureen said...

I do hereby witness the stated desire of TK Roxborogh to write 1000 words a day...and admire her dedication and stated perserverence in the face of holidaying children, laundry, meal preparation, personal taxi service provider,chaperone, household dramas,pets and a holiday around Southland in winter. May blessings be upon her as she boldly goes forth...
Good luck!!!!
Maureen(facing similar foes in Wellington while revising)

Anonymous said...

Witness number two claps her hands and eggs T.K. Roxborogh on, as well as being EXTREMELY jealous that she will have to wait so long to read this. But why are we keeping you here reading our comments? Go write! We all know you can do it!