Friday, July 17, 2009

I think I can breath a bit better

or '100 more reasons why I adore my husband'.

He's worked out what's wrong and what he has to do. The computer is alive again and out of ICU but it is weak. We are now downloading all files to an extra hard drive (one we prepared earlier) but it's slow progress. The bottom line: I will not lose (I hope) any of my work. The upshot: time to get another memory card.

Now that the files are saved from a savaging, let me tell you the impact of our south Westland holiday:
After Greymouth (which we all wished we'd stayed another couple of days) we headed to Franz Joseph and then onto Fox Glacier. It occurred to us that there is real rivalry between the two glaciers.
Highlight for me (and my daughters) was a two hour trek around the Franz Joseph terrain with many metres of trotting and cantering along the way on the most beautiful appaloosa horses.
Most embarrassing moment: me sleeping through a major South Island earthquake.
The best bit: staying at Lake Roxburgh Lodge and enjoying the pampering I got from Kim and Phil. I’m coming back! Roxburgh is a place MOST like Scotland. I imbibed it all. Sigh.
We are back in Dunedin and it’s colder than our whole trip. Still, the fire roars, the border collies are submissive after a week with the dog whisperer and I’m calm knowing I’ve not lost a dot of my writing.

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