Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bloodlines: counting down

This is how I torture myself with the editing process: I highlight in yellow those parts which need work. Arrrghhh, there are so many yellow bits.

I've got two weeks left to write 40,000 words AND rewrite the beginning AND fix the last 40 pages (take from 3rd draft to 4th draft) and then check for historical accuracy (cue highlight yellow) and the Latin (cue HOD Languages at my school).

It's all there but but but I've just come home from Parent/teacher evening, my children are buffeting me with can I, will you, I wanna, comments and hubby with his: meeting this, spread sheet that, statistically analyse umm....

But the pull of the 11th century is so huge at the moment that even during the day when I am my alter ego (English teacher extraordinaire) I'm one foot in another place.

Last night, I confess, I got back up at 1am and wrote/edited some more.

If anyone knows of a great cloning machine, please call.


Pen said...

Good grief girl! I don't envy you right now. I suggest a few day off more mental health reasons (aka to write that darn thing!)


Katarina said...

a cloning machine. Genuis.
Or maybe one of those trumpet guys like on the ad. I could use one of them from time to time