Monday, March 22, 2010

I wrote great stuff today but...

This is intended to encourage other hard working parents of teens and those who are writers: Me got up at 6am to check emails and I wrote some stuff. 8am had an interview with a newspaper (45 mins). Woke husband and reminded him dogs needed attention.

9-3 I tried to write and succeeded - almost 2000 words. In between, cleaned kitchen, bitched at kids and did washing and vacuumed.

3-5 was out with the horse kid. In between went to supermarket and bought food for eldest's dinner party. Marked five Y12 essays.

5-6 made lasagne for 8 people and pizza for 8 people and salad for eight people. Washed dishes. sorted washing.

Eldest comes home and says: you are a goddess - oh and can you not have any more wine.

Are you serious?

I have been hanging out for this all day. I've done the hard stuff for her and the hard stuff for me (the beginning of Bloodlines) is still to be tackeled. Glass of wine, I think, is essential.

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TK Roxborogh said...

they didn't clean up after themselves