Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Value of Time

Monday to Friday 8am-4pm teaching.
Monday to Friday, sometimes I snatch 30 mins or an hour after school or an hour in the early hours to write.

But, the best time to write is when I have nothing else to do BUT write. It is during these times I look closely at what I've written and see opportunaties for a bit of a chin wag; a bit of a story within a story; a time to see where things need fleshing out.

Because of my deadline, I'm saying no to pretty much all evening (and daytime) activities. See you after the 1st of April, I'm telling people. This is a good strategy.

This is what is happening right now and I'm loving it even though today I've cleaned the kitchen (think greasy dusty gunk on top of the range hood, wiped the cupboards, cleaned the toaster and the kettle, washed the floor) and vacuumed the house with my friend Jo's amazing machine, got the hair cut and coloured, shopped for food, and sorted bills.

AND, I managed to get youngest to damp dust key areas around the house and eldest to clean the bathroom.

Tonight, we have both children out (youngest at a sleep over; eldest with bf's parents for birthday bash). Hubby is surfing net and watching tv. I'm in the living room WRITING (or EDITING and WRITING) cos it's really really windy here in Dunedin which makes my studio really noisy.

Why are you blogging you may ask? Consider it a rest room break.

One of my writer friends alerted this clip from YouTube

which I have found hiliarious. Thank my God that I don't have an editor/agent like this.

Now, interval over - back to Scotland.

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Vanda Symon said...

Look forward to seeing you after the 1st...